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Connecting Rural Communities to Behavior and Mental Health Solutions

"Working with Bridget has been an incredible partnership.  We've had multiple in person conversations, emails, and text messages addressing a myriad of challenges in the last year.  Bridget provides ideas and suggestions for my son and family that work. (Rural Resilience Parent, 2023)" 

Our Mission

Rural Resilience connects rural students, families, and community members to behavioral and mental health solutions while protecting their social well-being and fostering a resilience to thrive.

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Rural Resilience Background

     Rural Resilience currently provides mental and behavior health services and supports to youth and families across five different communities in rural Park County, Montana. Services are provided by a behavior analyst as well as collaborative community networks that otherwise would not be accessible due to geographical, socioeconomic, and historically rooted barriers. These resources have been carefully crafted through relationship building and networking to meet the needs of five very unique rural communities over the last two years across Park County, Montana and has spurred other rural communities' desire for our programming and services.   

    Rural Resilience has positively impacted entire communities by providing supportive and non-judgemental programs and liaisons to support individuals in need of mental and behavioral health services in isolated communities. Rural Resilience has successfully helped students and families overcome the stigma surrounding mental health in many rural communities. This has opened the door for additional community members to both seek and accept help.  Rural Resilience embodies the rural ideal by investing directly in local youth and leading with a boots on the ground philosophy to ensure the long term growth and sustainability of the rural lifestyle and health of its communities.

Rural Resilience is not just about overcoming challenges, it's about embracing the unique strengths and talents that rural communities possess and leveraging them to drive positive change.

 Rural Resilience


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